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rumors have been started that you're in love again. rumors that are completely unsubstantiated.

my name is erin. i am nineteen years old. i have been taking digital photos since i got my camera two years ago. before then, it was shitty disposables for me.

because i am bored, i will post more than four pictures. and also, this community seems rather on the.. err... dead side.
but again, i am bored and photobucket is open and waiting for me.

my beautiful friends erica and jason.

Amanda of The Dresden Dolls at a show in October.

Amanda of the Dresden Dolls, Franz of World/Inferno Friendship Society at the afore mentioned show. no flash, which is why it's not such great quality.

winter in north jersey.

bad weather & heartache.

the loves

of my life.



he smells my fear.

and, of course.
the ever so popular, "i-took-these-pictures-of-myself" shots.

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